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Our Mission

Green Bharat Clean Bharat


  • Make India cleaner
  • Make India greener
  • Make the Rainwater harvesting technology accessible to all rural areas.
  • Solve the problem of drought.
  • Solve the problem of flood.
  • Rural Employment

Why Gaia Bharat?

I keep hearing about the water crisis in India for a while. My mom always tell me that they ran out of groundwater during the summer and they have to depend on the water tanker to get water at extreme times. When I googled, I found an article online of research done by NASA scientists at JPL in 2009. The NASA scientists warned India that if the rate at which the groundwater consumption is happening if not controlled then we would be having a water crisis. To quote Rodell – “If measures are not taken to ensure sustainable groundwater usage, consequences for the 114 million residents of the region may include a collapse of agricultural output and severe shortages of potable water", based at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.
Houston we have a problem. The problem of water crisis has already started showing its impact. Southern Indian States TN and Andra Pradesh were having water crisis for a very long time. Recently Maharashtra and Rajasthan have started facing the problem. And now states in the Gangatic Plain also started seeing the impact.